iPhone Datalogger Using The iOS Bluetooth App BLExAR
A Bluetooth module (HM-10) and an Arduino (Elego Uno R3) creates a data acquisition system. A DHT-22 sensor provides temperature and humidity data to the Arduino which will be recorded by an iOS device via the BLExAR app.
Mogelijke toepassing: temperatuurverloop in kas of buitenruimte.

Temperature Monitor with DHT22 and I2C 16×2 LCD
A portable temperature and humidity gadget. The DHT22 sensor has a large range for humidity and temperature and an accuracy of 0, 5%.
De sensor is buiten de behuizing geplaatst om ongewenste opwarming door de LCD en Arduino te voorkomen.

toepassing Arduino temperature and humidity

Measure Distance Using the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – HC-SR0
To detect or measure the distance, it transmits the signal to the target and the target reflects that back. Arduino measure time is taken for complete travel. As the speed of sound is known the distance between module and target can be calculated easily.
Toepassing: draagbare afstandsmeter van 10 tot 500 cm.

toepassing Arduino afstand meten ultrasound